Hilaire Gagne

Hilaire Gagne

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First Name * Hilaire
Last Name * Gagne
Username * hgagne
Country * Canada
City Toronto
Nationality Canadian
Languages EnglishFrench




  • Seneca College VFX for Film & Television Program


Media & Entertainment industry generalist with passion for art and technology. Areas of interest are effects, lighting, look development, and animation. Although a recent graduate of the Seneca Visual Effects for Film & Television program, my extensive previous career experience lends well to a transition to the motion picture and film industry. I am self-motivated and am accustomed to working under pressure to meet challenging and critical deadlines.

I have developed an extensive toolset of VFX skills in a short time that ranges from asset modeling through to the compositing stages. Additionally, I am capable of providing support (technical and creative) to artists in their day-to-day tasks; using my previous career programming expertise, I am able to prepare custom tools for pipeline integration.

I enjoy working on multiple projects simultaneously and welcome challenges to not just solve problems, but foresee them before they arise. I am project-oriented, extremely intuitive and perceptive, and have solid people skills resulting from my genuine interest in others and my ability to relate to people on their own level.